Young/new drivers PCA Autotest

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tony burchnall
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Young/new drivers PCA Autotest

Young drivers ( 14 years and over ) and newcomers to autotests and solos may like to be able to try the tests at Debden on July 7th.
WS/ECMC have a PCA permit for this event which allows young drivers to compete.
The regs require an adult driver to sit alongside and the car must be a touring car ( not a soft top or sports car )
Drivers who would like to try the tests and who have a RTA license but are concerned about getting lost can also compete with a passenger/navigator. For them almost any hood up car will do.
The tests will be all forward and not tight.
The PCA entry fee is only £10 since it will be Motor Sport Week and it's a chance to try something new.
Regs can be found via a link on this site. Any questions, post here.

And, if you get a taste for it, AutoSolos and Targas beckon.