Taster at Woodbridge 20th July

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tony burchnall
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Taster at Woodbridge 20th July

A Taster Permit has been organised for the Autosolo/Autotest which is being held at Woodbridge on July 20th.

This means that anyone who has never tried competing before and may not even be a member of a motor club can come along and see if they would like to try it out. Previously we have run these Tasters so that you would spend the morning session watching the competitors so that you had an idea of how the tests work. In the afternoon you would use your car on the same tests as everyone else and be a proper competitor.

There are several takers already so you would not be alone in trying something new and the atmosphere amongst the newcomers is always great.
The entry fee for the Taster is £10 and you need no modifications to your car to compete. Autosolos and Autotests of this sort are recognised as being non-damaging and an ideal way of getting into competitive motor sport.

However, Taster days are not run very frequently so this may be the only chance this year in this area to have a go.

If you would like further details please let me know by posting here or sending a personal email. It will be necessary to register beforehand as Woodbridge is a secure MoD site so it will not be possible to just turn up on the day.

Now is your chance to come and have a go.

Tony Burchnall.

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Potential entrants

Hi Tony,

I have a couple of potential atendees for the taster event, these being Debs And my daughter Sarah.
They just have to confirm if they are working or not.


Ps if you need a hand setting up let me know

tony burchnall
Joined: 2006-12-12T21:43:55
Taster at Woodbridge

Hi Paul,

That's great. It will be lovely to see them both.

Thanks for the offer of help. It will be much appreciated and I'll get back to you directly in a day or so.

Cheers for now,


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ECMC Autosolo / Autotest

All, the link will take to you the online entry site



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