Tyre Advice for Flying Fortress Stages

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Tyre Advice for Flying Fortress Stages

Hi Guys,

I've got an entry on the Flying Fortress Stage at Grafton late in June; first rally back after many years in semi-retirement Smile

As I've never been to the venue can anyone offer some advice on what tyre and compund to run.  Looking at some videos on YouTube most people seem to be running forest tyres but there are also runners on cut slicks ?  Car is an Impreza.  Many thanks.


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The event two years ago took place in March and it was cold and snowy; the tracks were rough and gravelly and forest tyres were the favoured choice. Before last year's event the venue / organisers put a lot of effort into skimming the surfaces and it was a lot smoother by all accounts - hence the slicks. I understand the surfaces this year are equally smooth, but don't expect a race track. Good luck!

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Tyre Size

Hi Duncan,

Long time no see!

Are you using 17" or 18" wheels? If 18" I have a large selection of tarmac tyres available.

You can ring me on 07910 693360.


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