Welsh Forest Rallying Under Threat - support needed

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Welsh Forest Rallying Under Threat - support needed
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A pressure group has recently been formed to highlight the risk that Welsh forest rallying may have to cease owing to a proposed doubling of charges being asked for by the Welsh equivalent of the Forestry Commission.

Motorsport UK Chief Executive recently wrote an open letter stating that the Motorsport UK is currently unable to reach an agreement with Natural Resources Wales.  NRW are seeking to double the cost of using forestry roads from June 2016 onwards.  If they do not change this stance – if effectively ends the viability of events to run.

There is an official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rallyingmeansbusiness which is forming the hub of the campaign and is updated daily with news.  A petition is being submitted to the Assembly Government asking for Natural Resource Wales to be questioned as to why their costs are so massively out of step with their English and Scottish Forestry Commission counterparts.

Please add your support:


More details in the attached file.

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e-Petition: A Fair Deal for Forest Rallying in Wales
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