16 / 17 February

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16 / 17 February

Robin Adams /
Steve Finch /
William Moore / Stuart Moore
Lee Earthy / Richard Bonner
Antony Allery /
Lee Williams /
/ Dennis Suttenwood
Tony Michael / Paul Barrett
Dean Fewings / Bob Smith
Kevin Jarvis / Robert Pomphrett
Shaun Weston / Dean Mevo
Paul Merryweather / Sandra Merryweather
Joseph Van Vilsteren / Rene Van Vilstere
Mark Wade / Jonathan Williams
Mick Johnson / Jack Johnson

... are doing the Snetterton Stage Rally:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Matt and Suze Endean are doing the Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone:

Snetterton Stages
Championship Overall Class
Joseph Van Vilsteren Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Antony Allery Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Lee Earthy Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Rene Van Vilsteren Stage Rally Co-Driver 0 0 DNF
Alan Carfrae Stage Rally Co-Driver 0 0 DNF
Richard Bonner Stage Rally Co-Driver 0 0 DNF
Robin Adams Stage Rally Driver 9 2 -
Shaun Weston Stage Rally Driver 13 7 -
Dean Mevo Stage Rally Co-Driver 13 7 -
William Moore Stage Rally Driver 18 4 -
Stuart Moore Stage Rally Co-Driver 18 4 -
Dean Fewings Stage Rally Driver 25 9 -
Bob Smith Stage Rally Co-Driver 25 9 -
Mark Wade Stage Rally Driver 26 9 -
Jonathan Williams Stage Rally Co-Driver 26 9 -
Dennis Suttenwood Stage Rally Co-Driver 30 7 -
Kevin Jarvis Stage Rally Driver 36 10 -
Robert Pomphrett Stage Rally Co-Driver 36 10 -
Tony Michael Stage Rally Driver 37 2 -
Paul Barrett Stage Rally Co-Driver 37 2 -
Paul Merryweather Stage Rally Driver 49 20 -
Sandra Merryweather Stage Rally Co-Driver 49 20 -
The Pomeroy Trophy
Championship Overall Class
Suze Endean Sprint 12 2 -
Matt Endean Sprint 19 2 -
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Suze & I will be at Silverstone, taking part in a VSCC Race event on the full GP circuit.

Details are here : https://www.vscc.co.uk/page/events?eventID=1359 

For anyone interested, it is free entry to spectate. 

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We don't find out our results until tomorrow but what a fun day! Three tests in the morning (slalom on the old pit straight, speed test on Hangar straight, brake test on the new pit straight) followed by the piece de resistance; 40 mins on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in race conditions. I know I hit my handicap (12 laps in 40 mins) but I know no more, other than I had fun and pulled off some fun overtakes. Unfortunately Matt's afternoon didn't go smoothly and he had a mechanical issue and had to pit but got back out again.

I was interested to see how I and the car would cope with 40 mins continuous driving and once I realised I'd hit my laps without an issue I did ease off a little, but what an experience. I wonder how many cars have finished Wales Rally GB and had the enjoyment of the Silverstone GP circuit too?! Full video is up at https://youtu.be/-N-AWLmQGkA Highly recommend it, so if you don't have your race licence and fancy something different, start thinking about it for next year!

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