Corbeau Clacton - Well Done CMC

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Corbeau Clacton - Well Done CMC

What a massive undertaking that was. Well done to all of us.

I will leave some of the main organising team to make their own comments, but from my perspective as Club Chairman and Spectator Manager at Ship Hill, Bradfield that all went very well, especially in the face of gale force winds subsiding just 18 hours before the rally and threatening to uproot the stakes & tape put out on Friday.

I saw many club members working for up to 6 consecutive days before, during & after the rally, and hope their recovery is going well. Especially those that have day jobs to go back to!   

Jim Bowie



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Listening to the news today

Listening to the news today perhaps we should bid to organise the London Marathon in future?  Very well done everybody, it was an excellent event.

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