EA Classic Marshals help needed

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tony burchnall
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EA Classic Marshals help needed

 Saturday, June 29th is the East Anglian Classic. It's a very busy weekend with a Targa on the following day so demand for marshal help for both events is at a max.

However, we really do need more EAC help to cover the tests at two test sites. In the morning we will be at Thorpe Abbotts airfield and in the afternoon everyone will move to Wretham for more. One of these is pretty special with a five mile run on farm tracks and grass, much like a Targa section.

We need more marshal cover for the tests and also more marshals happy to run watches. This is a National Championship event with the best crews and some of  the most competitive cars in the country.

If you can help please register on the EAC Marshal Registration form above.

Thanks in advance

Tony Burchnall CM EAC19.