15/16 June

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15/16 June

Vince Bristow / Tim Sayer
... are doing the Rally van Wervik:
Results: http://rallyresultaten.be/2019/Wervik2019.html

Ian Graham is doing the GP Memorial Rally:

Mark Peterson is doing the Midsummer Caerwent Rally:
Results: https://rallylivetiming.info/livetiming/event/1004

/ Steve McNulty
Stuart Cadman / Dennis Suttenwood
Dean Fewings / AEMC/ASEMC Bob Smith
Mark Wade / Gordon Downie
Edward Welham / Stuart Rod
Joseph van Vilsteren / Rene van Vilsteren
... are doing the Flying Fortress Stages:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=300

Jamie Turner / (Julian Riley)
Adrian Hodgson / Owen Turner
... are doing the 7th Peking to Paris 2 June - 7 July 2019:

Lydden Hill Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 1 25
Rally van Wervik
Name In Class Overall
Vince Bristow 1 43
Tim Sayer 1 43
Lydden June
Name In Class Overall
Simon Wallis 1 99
Flying Fortress Stages
Name In Class Overall
Stuart Cadman DNF
Dean Fewings DNF
Bob Smith DNF
Dennis Suttenwood DNF
Mark Wade DNF
Gordon Downie DNF
Steve McNulty 7 9
Edward Welham 7 31
Stuart Rod 7 31
Joseph van Vilsteren 1 34
Rene van Vilsteren 1 34
GP Memorial Rally
Name In Class Overall
Ian Graham 7 12
Midsummer Caerwent Rally
Name In Class Overall
Mark Peterson 4 49
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GP Memorial Rally

...and I’ll be trying to point a driver in the correct direction in Lancashire!


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