No Trip Regularity

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tony burchnall
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No Trip Regularity

Fancied trying the art of regularity rallies but don't have a Brantz or similar and don't want to buy one just in case?

Here's the solution. The next AMSC Regularity, on July 21st, is designed to accommodate any car without an accurate trip meter, or any trip whatsoever, come to that. We will issue a full road book several days in advance to navs. The route, without tricks, can be plotted so that you turn up at the start with a marked map. We'll check this for you if you like.

Also in the roadbook will be really accurate mileages ( to 100th mile ) to plenty of significant junctions and landmarks en route so that you can check your speed against 'ideal' as you go.

Armed with speed tables, which can be printed off from Blackpalfrey MC ( look for Navigation Resources lhs home page ) and a watch counting seconds you will have all you need to try the black art. 

As usual it's a Sunday morning, very sociable event with a coffee break and lunch at a pub. The start is near Woodbridge, the route is two 25mile sections and the finish near Framlingham. Why not try it.

Any here or email me.

Tony Burchnall.