Britvic rally 1960's

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Britvic rally 1960's

I have been told that somebody recently posted on social media (Facebook I believe) a copy of the route navigation for one of the 1960's Britvic Rally. (Britvic factory to Thetford (stages), Thetford  to Wells next the sea (road rally), Wells next the sea to Thetford (road rally on whites), then Thetford back to the Britvic factory Stages). If this is indeed true I would be very interested in seeing them.

I marshalled this event several times and navigated once in a Mk1 Cortina. We survived Narborough Fields and finished the rally although the car was the worse for wear. The reference to narborough Fields won't mean much to the younger members I suspect.

For any navigators who like looking at old rally navigation I have one or two sets for old rallies.

Many thanks

Ray Berris

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Early Britvic/Preston

Hi Ray

It was posted by David Taylor and it is here

you may have to join the Preston Rally facebook group to see it.



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