25/26 July

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25/26 July

Duncan Christmas
Laura Christmas
Suze Endean
Matt Endean
Alex Coleman
Rich Baker
Mike Thomas
Ed Scott
Keith Lane
Chris Page
Wayne Larbalestier
Dean Clayton
Lee Williams
Dean Fewings

... are doing the TAMS Packaging North Weald Sprint

Summer Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Wayne Larbalestier 2 7
Dean Clayton 3 10
Tony Allery 3 16
Dean Fewings 7 25
Keith Lane 7 30
Ed Scott 8 32
Lee Williams 9 33
Matt Endean 3 35
Chris Page 9 38
Suze Endean 4 41
Mike Thomas 5 44
Rich Baker 6 45
Duncan Christmas 3 60
Laura Christmas 4 67
Alex Coleman 11 70
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Green Belt North Weald Sprint Yesterday

It was great to see 15 CMC crews amongst the 76 starters at the Sprint yesterday, and even better to see the faces of friends and colleagues finally out marshalling organising & competing.

Wayne Larbalestier was best placed CMC driver in 7th o/a in his Evo 3 stage car , just beating Dean Clayton, a regular sprinter in his Clio Turbo , but now running fully modified & lightened. The rally car class ( of particular interest to me) was won by John Indri in his spectacular Colt Mirage.  Peter & Scott Rayner would have been up there in the rally class had Pete not lost the back end on the last corner of his first timed run bashing in to a market traders steel container. Tony Allery & Dean Fewings were well up the rally class in their usual stage cars whilst Keith Lane pipped Ed Scott double driving the 206 stage car.  Matt & Suze grabbed 3 & 4 in a large class of semi modified saloons and Duncan & Laura Christmas brought the Mini out to play on a track which was a bit quick for it.

Hats off to the organisers, particularly John Davie & Chris Deal for being the first local club to run a major event & coping with the reams of paperwork & online meetings to make this happen. 



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