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Hello all,

Thank you for the admission to the club forum.

Something i have meaning to do for decades is to contact the Motor Club to which was local to me in Rainham, Elm Park ,Hornchurch,Billericay and Brentwood Essex prior to relocating in the east Midlands since 2008..
In the 1990`s i acquired a Hillman Imp Autocross competition car road going with the registration HGH 962K via a collegue called David Hopkins of Cottage Classics..
The Imp was shown up for sale somewhere in Dunmow ,Essex..
I used it thereon in the Hillclimb and Sprint speedscene gradually developing it into my liking over a number of years..
What i would like to know of is its previousl history in Autocross..I believe it was sponsored by Interflora..
Details and pictures of it competiting would be so gladly viewed by me..
I do have a facebook site called Llewellyn Imp Motorsport to which i have many pictures of workings till i thought the time was right that i passed it on..Another bad decision in my Motoring life!
In all it was sold three times but apparently after the final sale to Scotland it is now somewhere in Belgium where i am also trying to find out its state of affairs..