5/6 September

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5/6 September

John King / Tracy King are doing the HERO Challenge Two:
Results: http://rallyroots.com/

LUIS GUTIÉRREZ DÍAZ / Ben Scott are doing the Rally Blendio Princess of Asturias virtual rally:
Results: http://tiempos.simrally.es/race/todos/3/rally-princesa-de-asturias-ciuda...
Event live video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX4Z991bG1w
Luis & Ben car 43 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSTSjJ2X92E

Mick Valentine /
Jack Adlard / Joe Philpott
/ Ian Graham
... are doing the Pennine Trophy Historic and Targa Rally:
Results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=345
Historic results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=346

Alexander Coleman
Chris Page
Dean Clayton
Lee Williams
Matt Endean
Reserve Suze Endean
... are doing the Stirling Moss Trophy Sprint:

Steve Burles is doing the September Solo:

HERO Challenge Two
Name In Class Overall
John King 3 21
Tracy King 3 21
Five Clubs Hillclimb Sat
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 5 99
Five Clubs Hillclimb Sun
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 3 99
Stirling Moss Trophy
Name In Class Overall
Chris Page DNF
Dean Clayton 3 11
Lee Williams 8 25
Matt Endean 1 32
Suze Endean 2 34
Alexander Coleman 5 50
Pennine Trophy Historic
Name In Class Overall
Mick Valentine 1 1
September Solo
Name In Class Overall
Steve Burles 3 11
Pennine Trophy Targa
Name In Class Overall
Ian Graham 11 26
Jack Adlard 12 44
Joe Philpott 12 44
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Pennine Targa

...I'm also out on the Pennine Targa trying to get car 29 to the finish.

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