3/4 October

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3/4 October

There is a Goodwood Sprint:
Live results: https://twmc.org.uk/goodwoodsprint/

Gary White / Bradley White
/ Ian Graham
... are doing the York Targa Rally:
Result: https://rabtiming.rallies.info

Matt Endean / Suze Endean
Suze Endean / Matt Endean
... are doing the Ilfracombe Targa:

Antony Allery / Simon Dockray
... are doing the Harold Palin Memorial Stages:
Results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=343

Simon Wallis
Dean Clayton
Chris Page
Joey Juya
... are doing the Debden Autumn Sprint:

Steve Burles
Nigel Cook
Roger Dudley
... are doing the Boanerges AutoSolo:
Results: https://autotest.sapphire-solutions.co.uk/PrintLeaderboard?sitename=oxford

Debden Autumn Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Simon Wallis 1 1
Dean Clayton 3 99
Chris Page 4 99
Joey Juya 12 99
York Targa Rally
Name In Class Overall
Gary White 2 4
Bradley White 2 4
Ilfracombe Targa
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 6 9
Suze Endean 6 9
Suze Endean 3 18
Matt Endean 3 18
Boanerges AutoSolo
Name In Class Overall
Roger Dudley 9 21
Nigel Cook 10 25
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Weekend Follow Up

Dire conditions followed all our crews at the weekend - particularly on Sunday.

The Ilfracombe Targa was stopped after test 6 as the water got deeper and deeper, and photos from the York Targa look similalrly wet.

Drizzle persisted all day at the Debden Targa where I marshalled and Cambridge resident, CMC member, Simon Wallis won from the front in his bike engined single seater. Dean Clayton was delighted with 3rd in a 9 car class in his Clio , and 9th overall in a field of 67. Dean non started the Goodwood sprint saturday as his wipers failed before he got to Kent.

New member Joey Juya drove a siver , older shape Nissan Skyline and whilst formidably powerful , it had trouble puttig down the power in the wet. Chris Page was 4 th in a class 5. 


Anthony Allery non attended the Harold Palin Stages at Fulbeck as he couldn't repair his steering rack from the damage at Abingdon the previous weekend.

Members should comment in this thread about their weekend performances.




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York Targa Rally

We left Peterborough at 8.00am on Sunday in wet drizzly conditions so were surprised to see it brighten up the further north we went , and a times on the event early on with the sun out and wearing facemasks we were sweating buckets Smile .At the start of the first test we were greeeted with completely dry tarmac/concrete and we were thinking our £20 for 4  Ebay special winter tyres were not the correct choice. The first 3 test were pretty simple navigation wise and we had reasnoble runs through. Test 4 we struggled with, returning back on oursleves within the test was confusing and cones that seemed strangley placed meant we lost 15-20 seconds but no wrong test luckily.Tests 5-9 were at another airfield but the tests used more natural features and less cones which were easier to navigate, i messed up test 7 by getting confused with a cone that was nothing to do with the route so we lost another 15-20 seconds by stopping/reversing to double check the route. Due to the tests bieng relativley short the longest bieng just over 2 minutes we thought we had messed our chances of a good result.We then returned to the start to do the same loop of 9 tests again , as we pulled up to the start venue the exhaust decided to completely split in two , i managed to hang it back up with some metal tie wraps that i always carry , but it was noisy so we spoke with an official and he advised to do the next 4 tests and then we had another noise test anyway, the next 4 tests on the second run went well , we then stopped for the noise test and luckily were still under , so we carried on and enyoyed the next 5 tests that were a re-run off 5-9 but alot slipper this time having a layer of mud plastered on them from the first run.We then moved to another venue a Gun Club which for us provided the best tests of the day , varied surfaces ,mud,gravel,tarmac and they flowed really well .It was then back to the start venue for one more short tarmac test and the event was complete. A sensible quick check by the scrutineers to make sure our tyres were legal and we were free to go home and were home by 6.30pm. We had no idea on the results until the next day as they had to manually input every 70carsx21tests by hand :0. In summary a great days motorsport cramming alot in a relativley short day , weather was good apart from one heavy shower , and very happy to have come 4th overall and only 25 seconds off first place. Gary&Bradley White Car 25 BMW 318TI

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York Targa Report - Gary White

Great report Gary and a top result - sounds like you could have won if you hadn't gone back twice !



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Ilfracombe thoughts

Ilfracombe - very, very wet! Results are awaited. Probably the toughest single venue targa we have done in terms of diagrams, tests etc and not helped by the very difficult and challenging conditions for all there. Thankfully the roads home were much more pleasant than the venue itself so not too bad a journey back.

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