Hughes Historic Marshals Urgently Needed - 28th May

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Hughes Historic Marshals Urgently Needed - 28th May

The Hughes Historic Rally on the 28th May 2022 urgently needs marshals to ensure the event can run. The event start/finish venue is near Ashford in Kent, and the tests will take place at the former Manston Airport.

Please volunteer here if you can help:


This is the plea from the secretary of the meeting David Brenchley:

As you are no doubt aware the Hughes rally will start on the 28th May, or at least it might.
An awful lot of work has gone into preparing for this rally, but, it will all go to waste if we do not find some marshals.
To put it bluntly we are desperate for marshals.
If any of you could spare some time on the 28th, a morning or afternoon would help so much, please get in touch with myself or Tom.
After all when are you going to get the chance to marshal on one of the longest runways in the U.K.?