Celebrating the 45th Preston

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Celebrating the 45th Preston
Celebrating the 45th Preston... A message from David Taylor (Clerk of the Course):
Please Keep 8:00 PM on October 19th free on your calendar.
As we celebrate the 45th year of the Preston Rally, we wanted to do something special leading up to the road rally on December 16th and 17th. We're excited to announce an exclusive event: a live question and answer session on Facebook featuring Owen Turner and Andy Ballentine, both renowned multiple winners and prominent figures on the Preston Rally since 1996. Joining us as the host and interviewer is Paul Woodford, a familiar face from Special Stage.
To make this event engaging and insightful, we're inviting our loyal Preston community to send in their questions and join us at 8:00 PM on October 19th.
This presents a great opportunity to gain an insider's perspective from an accomplished driver and navigator.
Please send your questions to:

We look forward to your participation.
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Thank you for that, i'm sure many club members and Preston regulars will find that interesting. It does clash with the monthly CMC clubnight, which is also on Thursday 19th. 

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