Jumbo Javalin Targa 31st March 2024 - Entries Open

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Jumbo Javalin Targa 31st March 2024 - Entries Open

The JJT24 Targa Regulations are now online and both Competitor and Marshal Registrations are open.

The  JJT is back to Debden as there is a delay on the availability of Wattisham at the moment.

The tests will be all sealed surface,  with no rough bits.  Standard cars will be fine. This is an ideal Street Car event for beginners and competitors new to Targas.

Test splits and merges in accordance with Motorsport  UK 2024 guidelines will be used on most tests and add some interesting variety to the venue.  There will be changes to the tests & driver running order all day,  to minimise the advantage to crews that are double driving.

I'd like to welcome Sue Taylor & Richard Bonner as event Chief Marshals for the first time and look forward to seeing you all on Easter Sunday when the clocks will change and Spring has Sprung!


Jim Bowie   Clerk of the Course     Tony Michael - Secretary, Entries/Diagrams & Timing