Club Night Tonight 18th April - The Bell , Danbury

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Club Night Tonight 18th April - The Bell , Danbury

I have just decided to come out tonight and persuaded at least Bob Smith & The Rochford Corner to come out.

See any or all of you there.   

Matt Gibson who was on line earlier & Sheldon Furby - you have Javalin Targa trophies to collect.





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Good turnout for club night

There was a good turnout at club night in Danbury yesterday evening, gossip topics included new autosolo / targa venue(s) in south Essex and Suffolk, Dean Fewings's new Yaris GT and Richard Baker's Porsche wiring project for TC.

Next club night is 16th May - another noggin and natter evening, but we are planning some 'themed' events (eg 12 car training, targa car prep and pace note training) so if there are any topics anyone has an interest in please mention it to any committee member or post a message to a forum, facebook or twitter feed.

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Was't going to attend the clubnight due to work commitments. Did manage to get there for 9.00 and glad I did, was a good night with discussions on all things Motorsport. 

Look forward to next month and hope to see a few more on 16th May

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