Club Championships

2024 Club Championships Tables

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Championship Rules

Last results update: 15 Jul 2024 13:42 - NDMC Summer Autocross


Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1John Peterson88886538
2Mike Thomas8688430
3Matt Endean88554530
4Jim Bowie65846529
5Jon Bray78416526
6Simon Fuidge8467425
7Gavin Rogers81178525
8Suze Endean81187525
9Matthew Abrey887323
10Robin Lines1188418
11Wayne Larbalestier818317
12Kevin Ablitt81611517
13Owen Turner178316
14Curtis Jacoby87215
15Nick Skuse861315

Marshal of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1John Davie22222222816ANorman Perren Memorial Trial
2Dave Saint22212122814BBrands Hatch Stages Set Up
3Gary Maddocks2222222714CBrands Hatch Stages
4George Hendry2222222714DSnetterton Stages
5Jim Bowie2221122712EFebruary Fling 12 Car
6Tony Campen222222612FSCCON 12 Car Feb
7Kelly Radley112222610GMarch Hare 12 Car
8Richard Bonner22222510HSCCON GIM
9Adrian Wardman222248ISCCON 12 Car Mar
10Brian Birkin222248JJavalin’s Jumbo Targa Set Up
11Derek Nice222248KJavalin’s Jumbo Targa
12Geoff Lobb222248LSCCON Hethel PCA
13Sue Taylor222248MHughes Rally
14Dick Lines122247NLotus Festival Sprint
15Mark Andrews221247OSCCON Hethel Autosolo
PIvinghoe Trial
QKent Targa
RCoulson Autosolo
SEast Anglian Classic
TSeckford Summer

Official of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
NameABCScores Total
1Jim Bowie22236ABrands Hatch Stages
2Alan Barnard2224BJavalin’s Jumbo Targa
3Ben Scott2224CEast Anglian Classic
4Dave Thompson2224
5David Judd2224
6Karen Scott2224
7Lucy Fryer2224
8Paul Brewerton2224
9Rob Dominy 2224
10Tony Michael2224
11Alison Bisping 212
12Alistair Brown212
13Amy Conboy212
14Andrew Bisping212
15Brian Jaggs212

Junior Championship

1Isabella Abrey1220232AJavalin’s Jumbo Rally
BKent Targa

12 Car Rally Driver

1Julie Skuse691289544ABlackpalfrey Reg Run Jan
2Jim Drake111111333BP & H Novice
3John Peterson1110221CWeald 12 Car R6
4Matt Endean912221DBoundless Feb
5Luis Gutierrez Diaz96215EFebruary Fling
6George Hendry12112FWaveney Lanes
7Curtis Jacoby11111GCSMA Mar
8Michael Bishop11111HSpring is round the 90L
9Mike Helm10110IMarch Hare
10Mike Thomas10110JSCCON March
11Richard Baker10110KSOCC April 12 Car
12Craig Salter37210LBoundless 12 Car Apr
13Jamie Ruffle64210
14Ed Scott818
15Jon Bray616
16Nara Cravanzola414
17Alex Menhinick313
18Tim Smith313

12 Car Rally Navigator

1Simon Fuidge911111111910772ABlackpalfrey Reg Run Jan
2Nick Skuse96912898761BKLDMC Jan
3Kevin Ablitt127639537CWeald 12 Car R4
4Graham Robinson1111222DP & H Novice
5Chloe Hankin912221EWeald 12 Car R6
6Lucy Fryer96215FBoundless Feb
7Colin Wake11111GFebruary Fling
8Dexter Jacoby11111HWeald 12 Car R7
9Benjamin Curran10110IWaveney Lanes
10Jim Bowie10110JCSMA Mar
11Wayne Tyson10110KSpring is round the 90L
12Louis Statham64210LWeald 12 Car R8
13Mike Thomas818MMarch Hare
14Graham Child32338NWeald 12 Car R9
15David Peplow414OSCCON March
16Luke Rogers414PHarlequin 12 Car
17Alan Collett313QSOCC April 12 Car
RDragon Slayer 12 Car

Road Rally Driver

NameABCDEFGHIJScores Total
1John King81618101517684ABagger 24
2Gavin Rogers1414228BPer Ardua Ad Infinitum
3John Peterson20120CTour of Cheshire
4Matthew Abrey20120DPrimrose Rally
5Curtis Jacoby19119EHughes Historic Rally
6Alex Menhinick118219FGremlin Historic Rally
7Matthew Mantle17117GHERO Challenge Two
8Keith Lane10110HEast Anglian Classic Run
9Owen Turner919IEast Anglian Classic
10Michael Helm818JCotswold Historic Rally
11Adrian Hodgson111
12Barry Shurman111
13Harry Bygrave111

Road Rally Navigator

NameABCDEFGHIJScores Total
1Suze Endean 1414228ABagger 24
2Ian Graham120221BTaunton Rally
3Crow19119CTour of Cheshire
4Alan Collett 118219DPrimrose Rally
5Diane Mantle17117EHughes Historic Rally
6Simon Fuidge6101317FGremlin Historic Rally
7Martin Lane10110GRyemoor Trophy
8Colin Sutton919HHERO Challenge Two
9Jim Bowie818IEast Anglian Classic Run
10Simon Howlett414JEast Anglian Classic
11Luke Berry111

Stage Rally Driver

1Jon Bray16201016462ABrands Hatch Stages
2Wayne Larbalestier201618445BSnetterton Stages
3Callum Francis6167210541CEast Riding Stages
4Vince Bristow128220DBovington Stages
5Duncan Christmas12112EAGBO Stages
6Mark Redgate12112FDukeries Rally
7Ryan Lewis84212GLegend Fires North West Stages
8Mick Jowers110211HAlan Healy Memorial Rally
9Brian Watts10110ILookout Stages
10Philip Chislett64210JRallynuts Severn Valley Stages
11Edward Welham818KAltratech SMC Stages
12Mark Wade717LPitstop Garage Pengam Dixies Challenge
13Laura Christmas616MManx Rally
14Mick Johnson5126NAbingdon CAR-nival Rally
15Lee Williams12336ORally van Wervik
16George Sherman515PRex Premier Anniversary Stages
17Gerald Boyden515
18Suze Endean515
19James Edwards4125
20Kevin Ablitt2224
21James Crossland313
22Peter Hinton313
23Gavin Rogers212
24Kevin Jones212
25Tom Clarke212
26Ben Howlett111
27Damian Long111
28Edward Welham  111
29Philip Smith111
30Rik Coleman111
31Robert Smith111

Stage Rally Co-driver

1Roland Francis20167210555ABrands Hatch Stages
2William Bray2010230BSnetterton Stages
3Martin Corbett5684423CEast Riding Stages
4Tim Sayer128220DBovington Stages
5Steve Noble54271519EAGBO Stages
6Kevin Ablitt612218FDukeries Rally
7Darren Larbalestier16116GLegend Fires North West Stages
8David Hudson16116HAlan Healy Memorial Rally
9Gary White16116ILookout Stages
10Laura Christmas122214JRallynuts Severn Valley Stages
11Ben Jowers110211KAltratech SMC Stages
12Oliver Marshall1181411LPitstop Garage Pengam Dixies Challenge
13Mike Hewson10110MManx Rally
14Samantha Chislett64210NAbingdon CAR-nival Rally
15Bonnie Kelly818ORex Premier Anniversary Stages
16Stuart Rodd818PBob Shaw Memorial Stages
17Dylan Thomas717
18Jonathan Williams717
19Duncan Christmas616
20James Francis-Beck616
21Peter Pears5126
22Gavin Rogers515
23Neil Colman515
24Saul Hunnaball515
25Graham Child2224
26Dean Mitchell313
27Loic Ditchburn313
28Wayne Larbalestier313
29Richard Bonner1223
30Danni Pool212
31Lee Jones212
32Suze Endean212
33Jim Bowie111
34Robert Best111
35Robert Smith111
36Simon Howlett111
37Stuart Rod 111

Targa Rally Driver

NameABCDEFGHIJScores Total
1Bradley White128161110648ABramley Targa
2Jamie White1101616443BFestival Targa
3Luke Allen51220337CFestival Targa Clubman
4Matthew Abrey1220232DJavalin’s Jumbo Rally
5Owen Turner1610226EShaw Trophy
6Simon Fuidge210112425F061 Targa
7Gary White1012222GKent Targa
8Suze Endean201221HBullnose Targa
9David Fox20120IBullnose Targa Clubman
10David Lobb216218JRex Ystra Targa Rally
11Barry Shurman161217
12Gavin Rogers116217
13Brian Milbank16116
14John Peterson16116
15Neil Peterson16116
16Jane Blake88216
17Jon Bray178316
18Adrian White78215
19Alan Coombs68214
20Jon Hunt12112
21Mark Peterson12112
22Sheldon Furby12112
23Shane Parry10110
24Jonathan Williams818
25Martin Davies616
26Matt Gibson616
27Keiran Peter Martin515
28Mike Lacey515
29Robin Lines515
30Graham Child2325
31Kim Gale2224
32Claire Gillies313
33Ed Scott2123
34John Welton212
35Kevin Ablitt212
36Rich Baker212
37Robert Lodge212
38Roy Welton212
39William Bray212
40Luis Gutierrez Diaz1122
41Alex Menhinick111
42Dan Brentnall111
43Dmitrijs Ivanovs111
44Laura Christmas111
45Martin Penny111
46Tony Clements111

Targa Rally Navigator

NameABCDEFGHIScores Total
1Bradley White1101616443ABramley Targa
2Jamie White1281611538BFestival Targa
3Isabella Abrey1220232CJavalin’s Jumbo Rally
4Barry Shurman10112323DShaw Trophy
5Gavin Rogers201221E061 Targa
6Martin Davies20120FKent Targa
7Simon Fuidge2161319GBullnose Targa
8Suze Endean116217HBullnose Targa Clubman
9Matthew Abrey16116IRex Ystra Targa Rally
10Richard Milbank16116
11Dave Shaggy Saint88216
12William Bray178316
13Ellen White78215
14Dan Brentnall12112
15Matt Gibson12112
16Neil Peterson12112
17Jack Turner10110
18Louise Wren10110
19Luke Allen10110
20Mark Peterson10110
21Alan Coombs818
22Andy Bainbridge818
23David Fox616
24Jonathan Williams616
25Paul Parker616
26Sheldon Furby616
27Dmitrijs Ivanovs5126
28Fergus Lacey515
29Harry Linstead515
30Kevin Ablitt2325
31Willa Shenton313
32Rich Baker2123
33Alan Mills212
34Ben Curran212
35Bleddyn Ireland212
36Graham Child212
37Ian Graham212
38John Welton212
39Jon Bray212
40Katie Andrews212
41Oscar Woodward212
42Robert Smith212
43Roy Welton212
44Alan Collett111
45Jon Hunt111
46Louise Clements111
47Martin Cresswell111


1Matt Endean20202020480ASOCC January Autotest
2Mike Thomas20161620472BHethel Autotest 7 Apr
3John Peterson2016236CSCCON Spring StreetCar Autosolo
4Jim Bowie2012232DBBAC RD1 May Autotest
5Roger Dudley20120EWitney Evening Autotest Round 2
6Jane Blake312215FTWMC Evening Autotest May
7Shane Parry12112GSDMC Autotest RD1
8Nick Skuse919HMMKMC Evening Autotest Otham
9Dave Shaggy Saint818ICoulson Autotest
10Louise Wren717JCoulson PCA
11Robin Lines515KWitney Evening Autotest Round 5
12Fergus Lacey212LMMKMC Evening Autotest Otham June
MSDMC Autotest RD3
NWitney Evening Autotest Round 6


NameABScores Total
1Robin Lines2020240ASCCON Spring StreetCar Autosolo
2Owen Turner20120BCoulson Autosolo
3Patrick Kane712219
4Jon Bray12112
5Jim Bowie818
6Ellen White212


NameABCDScores Total
1Andrew Bisping1616232ABMMC Curborough
2Wayne Larbalestier168224BHCAAC Debden Sprint
3Matt Endean10110CAbingdon CARnival Sprint
4Roland Francis616DLlandow Sprint


NameAScores Total
1Matt Endean10110ANDMC Summer Autocross

Car Trial

NameABCDEScores Total
1Robin Lines92012341ANorman Perren Memorial Trial
2Mike Thomas1620236BRoger Holmes
3John Peterson121012334CTyrwhitt Drake Car Trial
4Nick Skuse5425416DIvinghoe
5Jim Bowie919ESeckford Summer
6Matt Endean818
7Dave Shaggy Saint2426
8Jane Blake111