Want to get involved in…….. MARSHALLING?

Almost all motorsport events need volunteer marshals to make sure they are run safely and effectively. Marshalling is a rewarding way of getting involved more closely and joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

Marshalling on Chelmsford Motor Club events can involve anything from being in the middle of a stage on a stage rally and being ready to help if anything goes wrong. It can also involve running a start control and seeing the nervous excitement of crews about to head into a stage or manning the stop control and seeing the elation of competition as crews come off a stage.

If you don’t have any experience in marshalling but would like to get involved, have a look at the Chelmsford Motor Club website and volunteer for an event. Drop the Chief Marshal a line (their details will always be in the event regulations) and they will ensure you are paired with an experienced marshal who can show you the ropes. Marshalling is a great way of getting close to the action and it’s an extremely important role – without marshals, there would be no events.

As well as marshalling, rescue and recovery crews are also an important part of motorsport. For more information on marshalling, rescue and recovery crews and volunteering in general, click here.

There are plenty of other roles that need to be filled to ensure an event runs successfully - for example event secretaries are needed who do anything from helping write the regulations to ensuring caterers and toilets are booked. Entries secretaries collate entries (and entry fees!), normally using our online system, and are often the first port of call pre event for competitors with queries. The Chief Marshal for an event recruits marshals and works closely with the Clerk of the Course and others to plan where marshals need to be and allocates accordingly. On the day, their role includes signing marshals on and telling marshals where they need to go, and perhaps even collecting check sheets after tests/stages. Clerks of the Courses have overall responsibility for the event, and depending on the level of event, may or may not have to be licensed (based on current events run by Chelmsford MC CoCs only need to be licensed for Stage Rallies).

The club operates a shadowing programme to help potential new organisers/volunteers so if you are interested in finding out more please feel free to contact any organiser of an event or any committee member.