Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton 2018

Chelmsford Motor Club is proud to announce preliminary details of its first closed road stage event, the Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton, which takes place on Sunday 22nd April 2018.
The club is pleased to welcome Corbeau Seats as the title sponsor of the rally, which will be the first to make use of new legislation facilitating closed-road motorsport in England.

Vic Lee, Managing Director of Corbeau Seats said, “We are very excited to be involved with such a pioneering project. Chelmsford Motor Club have achieved something very special and we are proud to be part of what we all hope will be the first of many closed road motorsport events. With Corbeau Seats being the first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world and still going strong, we hope that this event can enjoy the longevity and growth we have experienced over the last 55 years”.

More than 3 years of behind the scenes work from a small but determined team has led to this point. Chelmsford Motor Club could not have got this far without the help of fellow rally experts from around the UK. Essex County Council, Tendring District Council and the Motor Sport Association (MSA) have all been pivotal to the progress.

Chelmsford Motor Club’s Tony Clements, Event Director, said: “Not surprisingly, there have been many challenges! Following extensive local consultation, we have made a few changes to the route. The special stages are a good mix of technical and challenging country lanes and we hope that a successful first running will allow the rally to grow in subsequent years. This is the beginning of a huge new chapter for motorsport and particularly rallying in the UK and I would personally like to thank everybody for their help and support.

The rally will be based on the Western Esplanade in Clacton with the special stages spread across the Tendring peninsula. There will be three loops of five different stages, 15 stages altogether, totalling approximately 45 stage miles and 100 road ‘link’ miles.

As part of the authorisation process the MSA, governing body of UK motorsport, has issued an Event Organising Permit. A Motor Race Order application has subsequently been made to Essex County Council Highways Authority.

There is a lot of work ahead to ensure a safe and successful event and Chelmsford Motor Club will be relying on help from across the motorsport and local communities to make it happen.

Tony Clements
Event Director