25/26/27 May

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25/26/27 May

Michael Walton / Jamie Vaughan
... are doing the Red Dragon IT Stages:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Matt Brewerton is doing MotorSport at the Palace:
Results: http://www.mcsrallyresults.co.uk/

Julie Skuse / Nick Skuse
Ellen Sutton / Colin Sutton
Rich Baker / Jim Bowie
Richard Gormley / Paul Mitchell
John King / Andy Fowler
Terry Alford / Philip Weeden
... are doing the May Regularity 12 Car:

Red Dragon I.T. Stages
Championship Overall Class
Michael Walton Stage Rally Driver 4 3 -
Jamie Vaughan Stage Rally Co-driver 4 3 -
May Reg 12 car
Championship Overall Class
Julie Skuse 12 Car Rally Driver 1 1 -
Nick Skuse 12 Car Rally Navigator 1 1 -
Rich Baker 12 Car Rally Driver 2 2 -
Jim Bowie 12 Car Rally Navigator 2 2 -
John King 12 Car Rally Driver 4 4 -
Andy Fowler 12 Car Rally Navigator 4 4 -
Richard Gormley 12 Car Rally Driver 5 5 -
Paul Mitchell 12 Car Rally Navigator 5 5 -
Terry Alford 12 Car Rally Driver 6 6 -
Philip Weeden 12 Car Rally Navigator 6 6 -
Motorsport at the Palace Day 1
Championship Overall Class
Matt Brewerton Sprint 26 2 -
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World RX

I and I suspect other CMC members will be at Silverstone giving demo Autosolo rides at the World RX on Saturday and Sunday. 

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Regularity 12 Car results


I have checked the results against the marshal checklists and I find I have made a couple of mistakes. Notably the win goes to Nick and Julie, rather than Jim and Rich. Congrats to the former and apologies to the latter.

Results can be found here: https://chelmsfordmc.co.uk/files/cmc/12_Cars/1819/MayReg19_Results.pdf

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Paul and supporters/marshall/entrants,Thanks fopr a great run

Nick & Julie

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Regularity 12 Car Thanks

Thanks Paul , and thanks also to the marshals Ann Still, Tony & Ann Burchnall, Tony Michael, Kelly Radley and Luis Diaz.  

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