Chelmsford MC Winter 12 Car Series 2006-2007

12 Car Winter Series 2006/7 Championship Table

Award winners:

Eddie Call 	64 points	1st Overall
Keith Lane	60 points	1st Novice
Neal Allsopp	53 points	2nd Novice
Jon Wilson	62 points	1st Beginner
Kevin Jarvis    53 points	2nd Beginner
David Church	53 points	2nd Beginner

We have run a series of Introduction to Road Rallying evenings.

Just to clarify - the following was written and posted on the website in 2005, so "this year" refers to 2005. Both the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 Winter Series have run to these rules.

To encourage participation in a wider variety of events this year we are making a few adjustments to what has proved to be a very popular championship. This year's championship will start off with a table top rally, include a road rally and all the regular 12 car rallies. Hopefully this will add to the element of competition, and to allow for people not wanting to do either the table top rally or a full road rally, we have introduced a "dropped score" system. This means that out of a possible nine rounds (note the Pheasant Plucker road rally is worth double points) you can chose your best scores from seven events. There is also the chance to get extra points by swapping seats and giving the nav the chance to scare the driver for a change!
Also please note that the organiser of an event gets full points for that round, so it is an effective way of getting some points - so come on organising a 12 car isn't too difficult. If you want more information about organising 12 cars, please get in touch.

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