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EACS Endurance Rally - 30th October 2010

Owen Turner and Andrew Dadswell - winners of the 2010 EACS Endurance Rally

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The EACS Endurance is a day/night road rally for lightly modified two-wheel drive cars limited to 1400cc petrol and 2000cc diesel non-turbo engines, built to the Endurance Road Rally formula. This year the event is based at the Holiday Inn in Ipswich and supports the East Anglian Air Ambulance; last year CMC rallies raised over £2000 for the charity.
Starting late in the morning of Saturday 30th October, the 180 mile day route will be based around MoD Woodbridge, with up to thirty miles of selectifs at various Suffolk venues linked by some pretty country lanes.

After a supper halt in Ipswich a night leg of around 100 miles will commence with up to twenty-five miles of smooth gravel selectifs in the local forests and simple navigational sections on tarmac lanes and bringing the event to a finish with an awards presentation before midnight at the Holiday Inn. This should allow the majority of competitors the opportunity to get home at a reasonable time. A special rate has been negotiated with the Holiday Inn for those crews who have longer journeys, or who wish to join the organisers in the bar (there’s an extra hour as the clocks go back) after the event.

The route instructions will be straightforward – a tulip road book will be provided, in line with other premier endurance rallies - and will be complemented by detailed selectif diagrams which will ensure that crews of all abilities can complete the rally.

Chelmsford Motor Club, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006, is noted for its high-quality and popular events organised by experienced competitors – winning the 2009 Motorsport UK / JLT Sport Club of the Year award. The club’s results service using Liege timers and chips is one of the best in the country.

We are grateful for the support of EACS Ltd, an IT service and support company based in Huntingdon. As usual, M&H Photography will be covering the rally and this year the entry fee includes two presentation prints.

As an incentive to marshals we have £100 cash prize draw and free food for those marshalling both legs of the event.

Route Notes

The route planning and recce are progressing well, here is a taster of what to expect:

MoD Woodbridge - not your usual East Anglian airfield; the route crosses the cold-war runway a few times but otherwise uses the concrete and tarmac taxi-ways and roads and the famous buddleia sections that CMC members have literally cut out of the undergrowth that has developed over the years that the second world war runway has been out of use. Lots of fast sweeping bends, slippery stuff and the longest straight is about 250m.
For a sneak preview of the venue come along to the Hutton Kitchens Woodbridge Stages on 25th September or the Rover Centre Gymkhana on 17th October.

Bentwaters - CMC's debut stage rally at this venue in January was hailed as one of the best stage routes in the region - the EACS Endurance is hoping to use some of the narrower and twistier tracks (again, no runway) at this cold-war airfield that is second only to Woodbridge in its potential for club motorsport.

Parham - two short and sharp driving tests are planned here, one on part of the old second world war runway and another on a narrow, twisty and hilly tarmac road linking two farms adjacent to the airfield. We might even get to link the two together...

Debach - the perimeter of this second world war airfield is now a gravel track; slippery when wet, dusty when dry...

Rendlesham & Tunstall forests: Our night section will start with a loose surface track around part of the perimeter fence of MoD Woodbridge and then run into the forests. Last year we had a few problems with rights of way and trespassers but this year we have resolved those problems, found some more 'Grade 1' tracks and intend to offer around 20 miles of forest after supper - two laps of a route that runs between the two forests, separated by a short tulip navigational section on public 'yellows'.

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