Midsummer 2006

The EACS Midsummer Endurance Road Rally
June 17/18 2006

Congratulations (for the second year running) to winners Owen Turner and Andrew Dadswell!

The Midsummer Endurance Road Rally ran on the weekend of 17th/18th June, and was a round of the Torqbar Championship 2006.

Paul Barrett's results commentary

Local Photo Gallery of Andy's pics.


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Positions after each Night Section

Results of just the Night Route
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Results of just the Night Selectives

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And, inspired by Ian Mepham, Seeding Improvement

Entry List

The event offers a mix of airfields, farm tracks and a quality night Road Rally. Comments about the roughness of last year's event have been heeded and 2006 will be "a lot less bumpy"! But don't expect this to be easy. This will be a real test of stamina and skill.