Pentlow Leisure Woodbridge Targa 2012

11th November 2012

Pentlow Leisure

West Suffolk Motor Club in conjunction with a team from Chelmsford Motor Club will promote a single-venue Navigational Rally with Special Tests.


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Winners of the Marshals' Draw:

Richard Simmons             £50
Christine Newson            £10
Mick Underwood              £10
Chris Vernon                £10
Sharon Chilver              £10 
David Everett               £10

This single venue road rally which was a prototype of the “Targa Rallies” which will replace our Gymkhanas next year.

A Navigational Rally permit allows the car rules to be less restrictive than a Road Rally (so cars with more than 4 cylinders and turbo-diesels are still allowed); the only navigation involved is interpreting the test diagrams.

The main changes to the rules are:
Classes are based on experience, not vehicles.
Competitors may only compete in each capacity once, so no double-navigating.
Current Tax Disc required.
Restrictions on number of cylinders and carburetor chokes have been dropped - so 4 carburetor chokes are allowed.
Bodywork is not required to be one colour, in line with the 2013 rules allowing graphics on daylight road rallies.