Jumbo 2002

Javalin's Jumbo Jymkhana - Sunday 20th October 2002

Held at West Raynham Airfield.

Overall Results
Class Results
Time Card1
Time Card2
Time Card3
Test Positions
Test Times (now include PC penalties)
Skill Tests

You can download the regs here.

For all those who have competed or marshalled on the East Anglian Classic, you will know the potential of the West Raynham Airfield in Norfolk.

The venue is far too good to be used just once a year so we have obtained a second use permit and have cajoaled the designers of the East Anglian tests to prepare a number of new tests using considerable new areas of road network around the airfield. These tests will run in much the same way as the East Anglian Classic so you will know a little of what to expect.