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TRS Bentwaters Gymkhana - 25th January 2009


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Welcome to the TRS Bentwaters Gymkhana, the first such event of the year (will it snow?) and the club’s first event at Bentwaters, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. The driving tests have been designed for use on the EACS Endurance on 28 March – there will be three test layouts complemented by a series of skill tests.

The vehicle eligibility rules have been changed since last year’s gymkhanas – only standard and road rally cars using road tyres are allowed (petrol turbos, ‘specials’, twin-carburetted, and cars with modified body-panels are not permitted). More detail is in section 7 of these regs.

Crews must consist of a driver and navigator. As there is an important role for the navigator, we would be pleased to see double drives, where driver/navigator change role. This should spice up a bit of inter-crew competition.

As ever we require a small army of marshals to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event. As well as being fed during the day and provided with a one-hour lunch break each marshal will be entered into a cash-prize draw - £50 first prize and five £10 prizes.

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